Aikido for kids

Kids love aikido

Our children’s classes are for ages 6 and up. Kids 13 and older may start aikido in the adult class, depending on their maturity level. Emphasis is on good discipline and healthy attitude while enjoying a fun and rigorous practice. Drop by any of our children’s classes to watch or participate.

Aikido for adults

Aikido is fun

Our adult classes focus on proper technique and mental focus as well as overall fitness and flexibility. Calgary Aikikai welcomes persons of any age, gender or ability. New students may come and watch any class, and may also participate in up to four classes free of charge to see how they like it.

Calgary Aikikai

Aikido is fun

Since 1980, Calgary Aikikai has trained hundreds of students in this martial art that is both a practical self-defence and form of creative movement. We believe that the best way to learn is through enjoyable and spirited practice, with an emphasis on traditional techniques.

On the mat

Beginners Class Intro!Starts Oct 28th 2019

Posted on by Beau Calvez

Students kneel in seiza before class begins

Coming October 28th Calgary Aikikai is excited to be one again offering our six week introduction to aikido. Taught by a fourth dan (degree) blackbelt these separate classes are designed to introduce new students to the exciting martial art of aikido. Totaling nine hours of instruction and open to all people ages 16 and up. See our Beginners Classes page for more information or to register.

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Upcoming Seminars in August and September

Posted on by Beau Calvez

Plenty of aikido seminars coming this month and next! This weekend (August 10 -11) an amazing opportunity to learn from seventh-dan Pat Hendricks Shihan in Edmonton at Aikido Tenshinkai. Local dojo BigRock Aikikai will be hosting an intensive with Bruce Bookman Sensei from Tenzan Aikido of Seattle on the August 23rd to 25th. And finally, on September 27th to 29th Jim Alvarez of Aikido of Livermore Shinrei Dojo in Livermore California will be visiting our friends up in St. Albert at Abundant Peace. Please view each dojo’s web page for additional information.

Don’t forget our own aikido seminar with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan on September 21st to 2nd.

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Fall Aikido Seminar 2019 with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan

Posted on by Beau Calvez

This September we are excited to welcome back to the mats of Calgary Aikikai our good friend and sixth dan Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan of Sendai, Japan. This three day event in Calgary, Alberta is Shirakawa Sensei’s only North American appearance this year. Scheduled from September 20th to the 22nd. All are welcome to come and participate and learn from this exciting, dynamic, and energetic instructor.

Instagram Youtube

FRI, Sept 20

Children’s Session (6-13)


SAT, Sept 21

Adults (14+)

Saturday social event

SUN, Sept 22

Adults (14+)

Registration and info

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Inaba Friendship Aikido Intensive

Posted on by Beau Calvez

Inaba Sensei

All Aikidoka are welcome to join Calgary Aikikai at our first Inaba Friendship Aikido Intensive, July 19 and 20, 2019. This two-day event is a chance to dig deep into your training and share the mat with local dojos in a spirit of collaboration and friendship. Special emphasis will be given to training with jo and bokken, with a chance to train vigorously on various kata and basic movements. We’re excited to welcome senseis from across Calgary, with instructors from Big Rock Aikikai, Aikido Tanren Juku, Aikido Dai Etsu and Calgary Aikikai. Come prepared to sweat and smile!

See you on the mat.

FRI, July 19

Adults and Youths(14+)

SAT, July 20

Adults and Youths (14+)

Registration and info

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