Fall Aikido Seminar 2024 with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan

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We’re thrilled to announce that this September, our dear friend and sixth dan, Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan of Sendai, Japan, is returning to the mats of Calgary Aikikai! This two-day event, happening in Calgary, Alberta from September 21st to the 22nd, marks Shirakawa Sensei’s exclusive North American appearance this year. Don’t miss this chance to learn from an instructor who’s as exciting, dynamic, and energetic as they come. Everyone’s invited, so come join us!

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FRI, Sept 20

Children’s Session (6-12)

SAT, Sept 21

Adults (13+)

Saturday social event

SUN, Sept 22

Adults (14+)

Early bird pricing now open!

  • Friday Children: $20

  • All days Students(13 to 17): $200, Adults: $225

  • Please note that partial days will open after Aug 24th, 2024

Register early and save!

Sensei demonstrates a throw
World Combat Games 2013
World Combat Games 2013

About Ryuji Sensei

Shirakawa Ryuji Sensei, born in 1980, began his Aikido journey at the age of 15 under the guidance of his father, Shirakawa Katsutoshi Shihan 7th Dan. Attracted to the lifelong value of Aikido as a budo, Ryuji Sensei has grown and matured over the years, thanks to his father’s gentle supervision and his own dedication.

To broaden his experience, Ryuji Sensei traveled to Germany to study under Asai Shihan, as encouraged by his father. Recently, he was awarded his 6th Dan and the title of Shihan, and he continues to teach full time at two main dojos in Sendai, Myagi Prefecture, and several satellite dojos in the surrounding countryside.

Ryuji Sensei, known for his clean, flowing Aikido style, is an excellent instructor, as his numerous demonstrations at the All-Japan Aikido and World Combat Games, available on YouTube, show.

Importantly, Ryuji Sensei also spent time training and living in Calgary, Alberta, under the tutelage of the late Inaba Shihan, further enriching his Aikido journey, and, in the process, forming a deep, lasting, and, meaningful, connection with Calgary Aikikai and its students to this day.

See you on the mat in September.

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