Registration for our July aikido intensive with with Senseis from across Calgary is now open!

Inaba Sensei

Inaba Friendship Aikido Intensive

All Aikidoka are welcome to join Calgary Aikikai at our first Inaba Friendship Aikido Intensive, July 19 and 20, 2019. This two-day event is a chance to dig deep into your training and share the mat with local dojos in a spirit of collaboration and friendship. Special emphasis will be given to training with jo and bokken, with a chance to train vigorously on various kata and basic movements. We’re excited to welcome senseis from across Calgary, with instructors from Big Rock Aikikai, Aikido Tanren Juku, Aikido Dai Etsu and Calgary Aikikai. Come prepared to sweat and smile!

See you on the mat.

FRI, July 19

Adults and Youths(14+)

SAT, July 20

Adults and Youths (14+)

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An Evening Seminar with Cyndy Hayashi Shihan

On Monday June, 10th Calgary Aikikai is excited to welcome for the first time to our dojo 7th-dan Cyndy Hayashi Shihan of Stanford Aikido in sunny California. Hayashi Shihan has trained in Aikido for over 42 years.

This special three hour event is open to all aikdoka. See you on the mat!

Monday, June 10th, 2019


$40 per person

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Michael Friedl Shihan teaching aikido

Spring Aikido Seminar 2019 with Michael Friedl Shihan

On April 12th to 14th Calgary Aikikai is excited to welcome back 7th-dan Michael Friedl Shihan of Aikido of Ashland in Oregon. Friedl Shihan has been practicing aikido for over 47 years and is a Shihan and Division head of the California Aikido Association. Friedl Sensei currently teaches at his dojo in Ashland, Oregon as well as instructing in aikido seminars across the world. Please join us as we learn from this master teacher. All are welcome.

See you on the mat.

FRI, April 12

Children’s Session (6-13)


SAT, April 13

Adults (14+)

Saturday event

SUN, April 14

Adults (14+)

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