Aikido for kids

Kids love aikido

Our children’s classes are for ages 6 and up. Kids 13 and older may start aikido in the adult class, depending on their maturity level. Emphasis is on good discipline and healthy attitude while enjoying a fun and rigorous practice. Drop by any of our children’s classes to watch or participate. Find out more

Aikido for adults

Aikido is fun

Our adult classes focus on proper technique and mental focus as well as overall fitness and flexibility. Calgary Aikikai welcomes persons of any age, gender or ability. New students may come and watch any class, and may also participate in up to four classes free of charge to see how they like it.

Calgary Aikikai

Aikido is fun

Since 1980, Calgary Aikikai has trained hundreds of students in this martial art that is both a practical self-defence and form of creative movement. We believe that the best way to learn is through enjoyable and spirited practice, with an emphasis on traditional techniques.

On the mat

Calgary Aikikai COVID-19 Response

Posted on by Beau Calvez

UPDATED Mar 21, 2020

Dear Calgary Aikikai members,

As an organization, the safety of our membership is absolutely our highest priority.

In light of recent developments regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we have made the decision to suspend the Adults’ and Childrens’ programmes, effective immediately.

All classes will be suspended until further notice. Please check back here for further details as this situation develops.


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Rei and Bowing in Aikido

Posted on by Arran Fisher

Newcomers to Japanese martial arts might find all the bowing that we do a little bit strange. In the West, we don’t do much bowing and when we do, it’s either for a ceremony, such as the end of a concert performance, or it’s part of a religious ritual. But in Japan, there is bowing all the time. The girl selling you donuts in Hashimoto will neatly package them up an a perfect box and, while holding it in both hands, give you a bow. It’s actually really nice! But it doesn’t mean anything more than, “thank you and please come again”.

At CAAC, we thought we should clarify our approach to bowing – what it means and why we do it. Take a look:

礼 Rei and Bowing in Aikido

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Recent testing promotionsTadhg, Riley, and Todd

Posted on by Beau Calvez


A big congratulations to Tadhg and Riley on getting their 4th Kyu. Your hard work and dedication in moving from the kids class to youths in the adults class has really paid off. Keep at it with the hard work. And another congratulations to Todd Simms for passing his Nidan exam. A well deserved promotion Todd. Great work!

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