Top 10 Reasons to Practice Aikido

Posted on by Shane Fielder

1. Develop better strategies for conflict resolution

As a martial art, Aikido offers great advantages as a personal self defense system. But did you know that Aikido strategies can be used in everyday life to help increase your conflict resolution abilities? Many high ranking Aikido teachers in North America are also highly trained counsellors, teachers and educators of conflict resolution using their background in Aikido.

2. People who practice Aikido are generally healthier from the training

Aikido keeps you looking and feeling younger because of the physical, mental and spiritual/community aspects of training. The training helps you develop greater flexibility, strength and overall levels of general fitness. We have had many people who start Aikido in their 40’s and 50’s who’ve gone on to earn their black belt with Calgary Aikikai. It’s never too late to start your training.

3. Increase your ability to focus & concentrate in other areas of your life

Aikido techniques are not hard to learn. Often, a beginner requires more repetition of training to become proficient. This learning and training process helps you build greater levels of focus and concentration that can be applied to other areas of your life.

4. Make self defense feel natural because you will know what to do if you are ever attacked in the real world

We are fortunate to live in a safe city like Calgary. But you never know what may happen to you, especially when you are in new environments or while traveling throughout the world. The quality of instruction and training you will find at Calgary Aikikai will help you have a better sense of what to do should you ever be in a situation that requires you to physically defend yourself. Knowing what to do in various situations will help give you a better chance of getting to safety quickly.

5. Reduce your stress and take your mind off of everything else in your world

Aikido training incorporates several breathing techniques that you can use in your everyday experiences to help stay calm when under pressure. Our students comment that they feel lighter and much better after a great training session than prior to coming to the Dojo. This is a key benefit we love about Aikido.

6. Learn how to use weapons to protect yourself from an armed assailant

At Calgary Aikikai, we teach the use of the Japanese sword, staff and knife. You will learn how to effectively use these weapons for training and self protection. Adult classes train safely with wooden practice weapons.

You will also learn how to defend yourself when someone attacks you with similar weapons such as a baseball bat, hockey stick, tire iron, knife or other things. We hope you never have to use these skills outside the Dojo, but knowing how to defend yourself in these situations will help keep you safe

7. Be more self confident wherever you go in life

We once trained a 55 year old university professor in Aikido. After a few years of training, George commented that, “before Aikido, I would walk around and avoid groups of students walking on campus. Now I walk beside or through the groups because I am more confident in myself because of my training”

8. Develop better awareness of your surroundings so that you stay safe

Aikido training will help you become more aware of the different places you go. Greater awareness of your surroundings is the start of any good martial art self defense training. Avoiding potentially unsafe places is always the best defense technique you can use.

9. Learn how to accomplish your goals

Calgary Aikikai has a well structured learning program that will help you go from total beginner to achieving your black belt if that is one of your reasons for training. Our instructors and students will work with you to help you successfully advance through each level of your training.  Our students find that this training helps them focus and advance their personal and professional goals outside of the Dojo.

10. Be part of an amazing community of like minded people that has operated in Calgary for over 35 years

While everyone who trains at Calgary Aikikai comes from diverse backgrounds, we all share a greater sense of community when we train together. We have been fortunate to share in this community for over 35 years. You will meet new friends who are always willing to help you learn the art because just like you, we too were all beginners.

Are you ready to take the next step? Try Aikido this week for free. Yes, your first four classes are free and without obligation so that you can see how you will benefit from Aikido training at Calgary Aikikai. We look forward to training with you on the mat. Contact us to arrange your first visit to the Dojo.

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