Re-Entry!This Saturday, March 13th!

Posted on by Beau Calvez

Back to the mat!

Great news Calgary Aikikai members! Adult class will be back on the mat starting this Saturday, March 13th! The following policy for COVID-19 safety will be observed as we safely return to training using our Calgary Aikikai COVID-19 Policy:

Tier 1 guidelines

  • Solo practice with at least 3m distance, more if possible (Separate small mats)
  • Low-cardio solo weapons and open-handed movements
  • No Kiai or heavy breathing exercises
  • Participants from same family/cohort are allowed to contact
  • No one other than participants allowed in the dojo
  • Outdoor, distanced solo practice may continue as well


  • Saturdays 9:30am
  • Wednesdays at 7pm

We will be using the Fellowship Hall in the basement and entering through the doors on the southwest corner of the church. Please come wearing your face mask, clean dogi, and sanitize your hands prior to practice.

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