Kata in the park!Weather permitting

Posted on by Beau Calvez

!UPDATE! Kata in the park will be suspended as we return to training in the dojo!

It’s been a while! and given some of the new regulations we’d like to invite you to Kata in the Park!

  • Every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm
  • Every Saturday from 10am to 11am
  • Location at the park across the street, just south of the church
  • Bring weapons if you have them and some loaners will be available
  • Face masks optional and we will keep 2m distancing at all times
  • We will practice weapons and open-handed taikyokuken-style aikido

This event is weather permitting (If it’s raining the event will be cancelled).

We hope to see out in the park for some spirited aikido practice.

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