An Evening Seminar with Cyndy Hayashi Shihan

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On Monday June, 10th Calgary Aikikai is excited to welcome for the first time to our dojo 7th-dan Cyndy Hayashi Shihan of Stanford Aikido in sunny California. Hayashi Shihan has trained in Aikido for over 42 years.

This special three hour event is open to all aikdoka. See you on the mat!

Monday, June 10th, 2019


$40 per person

Hayashi Shihan (7th Dan) has trained in Aikido for over 42 years. Cyndy Hayashi traveled from San Francisco to Iwama, Japan to study as an uchideshi (house student) for two months under Saito Sensei when she was third kyu. After returning to the USA and completing her second kyu exam, she desired to continue her training with Saito Sensei and returned to Iwama for another seven months.

In 1980, Saito Sensei promoted Cyndy Hayashi to Shodan. After that experience, Saito Sensei encouraged her to train with as many teachers who had direct experience with O’Sensei. She traveled to Europe for the next two months training with as many of O’Sensei’s students before returning home to resume her study under Frank Doran Shihan (8th Dan) at Aikido West. These early training experiences provided Sensei with a strong foundation of Aikido that has shaped who she is as a teacher today.

Hayashi Sensei is currently daisempai at Aikido West and the Director of Stanford Aikido. She has also served as the California Aikido Association Administrator for 34 years. She holds a sandan in kyudo and has received the five precepts from the Zen master, Seung Sahn.

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