Aikido for kids

Kids love aikido

Our children’s classes are for ages 6 and up. Kids 12 and older may start aikido in the adult class, depending on their maturity level. Emphasis is on good discipline and healthy attitude while enjoying a fun and rigorous practice. Drop by any of our children’s classes to watch or participate.

Aikido for adults

Aikido is fun

Our adult classes focus on proper technique and mental focus as well as overall fitness and flexibility. Calgary Aikikai welcomes persons of any age, gender or ability. New students may come and watch any class, and may also participate in up to four classes free of charge to see how they like it.

Calgary Aikikai

Aikido is fun

Since 1980, Calgary Aikikai has trained hundreds of students in this martial art that is both a practical self-defence and form of creative movement. We believe that the best way to learn is through enjoyable and spirited practice, with an emphasis on traditional techniques.

On the mat

A Black Belt Meaning

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Andrew Sensei, Inaba Sensei, Todd SenseiIn my time at various dojos as a member, or as a visitor, it has come up numerous times as to what a black belt is, what does it represent and what it does not. In many cases it is viewed as a landmark of excellence and others as a starting point in ones understanding of the art and one’s individual progress on a path.

In dojos I have practiced in the range of “technical expertise” has varied dramatically which used to puzzle me. In North America “the belt” has over time morphed into somewhat of a status symbol and goal for many practitioners but real value depends much on the individual and the rigour and or philosophy of the dojo/association.

“A black belt has only the meaning which you place upon it. It is, after all, only a belt, much better suited at holding a dogi together than holding together sociological constructs.”


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Winter Aikido Seminar 2016, with Ryuji Shirakawa Sensei

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This December we are excited to welcome back Ryuji Shirakawa Sensei of Sendai, Japan for another exciting aikido seminar. This three day event is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd to Sunday, December 4th. Please join us on the mat for an energetic practice and great training the first week of December.

Please Note! Due to scheduling conflict Sunday’s training session will be held at Masa Kokoro Dojo. Located at 4630 16 Avenue Northwest. Our apologies for the confusion

FRI, Dec 2

Children’s Session (6-13)


SAT, Dec 3

Adults (14+)

Saturday event

Registration and info

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Kid’s classes resume on, Wednesday, September 7th!

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Welcome back kids! We hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to another great season of fun, games, and training in aikido. We’ll be back this Wednesday, September 7th at 6:45pm. New students are welcome! See you on the mat!

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