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Recent Yudansha Promotions

Posted on by bcalvez

Julian, Atsuko, Takashi and Oscar Congratulations go out to Atsuko Boyd and Julian Hong for being awarded the rank of shodan and to Takashi Kobayashi and Oscar Martinez for achieving the rank of sandan. Your dedication and discipline were visible to all. Keep up the great training.

Congratulations Azusa! Sankyu Promotion

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A big congratulations goes out to our newest third kyu student, Azusa Hirota, who passed her test on Saturday, November 1st. Keep up the great training and hard work Azusa.

Kyu Testing on November 1st (Updated)

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Shihonage A reminder to all members that we will be having kyu testing on Saturday, November 1st. If you wish to test, please assess the number of days you have practiced since your last test and speak with one of the senseis about testing. The Pre-test occurs on Monday, October 20th. Train hard and good Read more

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