Aikido for kids

Kids love aikido Our children’s classes are for ages 6 and up. Kids 12 and older may start aikido in the adult class, depending on their maturity level. Emphasis is on good discipline and healthy attitude while enjoying a fun and rigorous practice. Drop by any of our children’s classes to watch or participate.

Aikido for adults

Aikido is fun Our adult classes focus on proper technique and mental focus as well as overall fitness and flexibility. Calgary Aikikai welcomes persons of any age, gender or ability. New students may come and watch any class, and may also participate in up to four classes free of charge to see how they like it.

Calgary Aikikai

Aikido is fun Since 1980, Calgary Aikikai has trained hundreds of students in this martial art that is both a practical self-defence and form of creative movement. We believe that the best way to learn is through enjoyable and spirited practice, with an emphasis on traditional techniques.

On the mat

Seventh Dan, M. Suwa Sensei Winter Aikido Seminar, Jan 22 – 24, 2016

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Suwa Shihan

This January we are excited to be welcoming M. Suwa Shihan for his first ever aikido seminar with Calgary Aikikai and first visit to Canada. Suwa Sensei began his training in aikido in 1980 at the Kobayashi Dojos and has been teaching professionally since 1996. He currently teaches in seven dojos in the Tokyo area and has taught overseas in Taiwan, Korea, Hungary and Greece and was awarded the rank of seventh dan in 2015. Please join us in the New Year to train with this highly recommended master.

Registration for adults and children is now open!

FRI, Jan 22

Children’s Session (6-13)

Adults (14+)

SAT, Jan 23

Adults (14+)

Saturday event

SUN, Jan 24

Adults (14+)

  • All days Students: $100, Adults: $140

  • Friday Kids: $20, Students: $25, Adults: $40

  • Saturday Students: $60, Adults: $70

  • Sunday Students: $40, Adults: $60

See you on the mat in January.

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Yonkyu Belt TestingCongratulations Akinori

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Akinori portraitCongratulations go out to Akinori on his successful completion of his yonkyu test (forth kyu) on Saturday, May 2nd. Keep up the hard work Akinori!

Aikinori has a unique ability to be taught something and almost immediately be able to apply it technically. He is a dedicated student and is focused on precise movements. His methodical technique during the test was a lesson all students could practice.
~ Todd Lachance Sensei

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Tanren Juku Aikido Seminar with Jim Barnes Sensei, Sixth Dan

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Our friends over at Aikido Tanren Juku will be hosting an aikido seminar with sixth dan Jim Barnes Sensei from Aikido Hokuryukai of North York, Ontario. This three day event will take place on May 1st to 3rd at the Southland Leisure Centre. Registration is at the door.

Seminar Costs:

  • All days: $90.00
  • Friday: $20.00, 6:30 to 8:00pm
  • Saturday: $50.00, 11:30am to 3:30pm
  • Sunday: $40.00, 11:00am to 2:00pm

For more information please contact Dan Sensei at Tanren Juku.

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